Electronic Hookahs and smart electronic accessories in the global shisha market overview report for 2009-2022


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  • Date: September 2022
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Report covers all electronic hookah products for period from 2009 to 2022:
E-hookah complete sets for shisha – 13 products
E-hookah complete sets for e-liquid – 15 products;
E-hookah heads for shisha – 6 products;
E-hookah heads for e-liquid – 26 products;
E-cigarette products styled as hookah – 14 products;
E-hookah accessories – 8 products.

Table of content

Executive summary
1. E-hookah kits
1.1 E-hookah kits for e-liquid
1.2 E-hookah kits for shisha
2. E-hookah heads
2.1 E-hookah heads for e-liquid
2.2 E-hookah heads for shisha
3. Electronic accessories for e-hookah
4. Target markets for e-hookahs
Appendix А. E-hookah products profiles


When smoking an ordinary coal hookah, carbon monoxide is formed and many other harmful elements that are formed from the process of burning coal. In order to reduce the release of harmful substances in released smoke, an electronic hookah was invented.
Report covers all electronic hookah products for period from 2009 to 2022.
Electronic hookahs or e-hookahs are modern battery-based hookahs that feature portability, ease of use, minimum setup and electronic thermal control. E-hookah are becoming mainstream products that actively replace traditional charcoal hookahs due to a number of apparent benefits. Based on filling material, e-hookahs are divided into e-liquid-based and shisha-based. E-liquid-based hookahs usually do not feature water filtration and are considered e-cigarettes with some advanced design and extended functionality. All e-hookah kits for shisha can be conventionally divided into 3 groups depending on functionality and materials used. The target markets for e-hookah products are the high-income countries. The report also provides recommendations on preferable e-hookah products that will be highly demanded in the global shisha market.

Table of Charts

Chart 1. E-hookah classification based on filling material and refill option
Chart 2. Target markets for e-hookah products”

Table of Box

Table 1. E-Hookah (E-liquid) vs. E-Hookah (Shisha) vs. Traditional Hookah
Table 2. Key features of basic, advanced and premium e-hookahs for shisha

Companies Mentioned

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