Dissolvable oral thin films (orally dissolving strips) with cannabinoids, stimulants, nicotine for 2009-Feb 2023: evolution, current status, innovations, future perspectives. Global market overview.


Oral dissolvable films are thin films that instantly dissolve into the buccal cavity to give instantaneous results.
Report includes detailed multiscope global market analysis of dissolvable oral thin films (strips) from the beginning of mass market to the date of this report. It provides information on all products in categories with active substances, in particular containing cannabinoinds, caffeine, vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts, nicotine.

  • Date: 2023 March
  • Pages: 72
  • Price: on request
  • Region: Worldwide coverage


The report includes a detailed worldwide market analysis and defines all the trends and technologies of oral dissolvable strips (dissolvable films or oral thin films) with nicotine, cannabinoids, vitamins, and caffeine. All the data actual to the date of this Report as of March 21, 2023.
The analysis of thin oral dissolvable strips includes 171 product series marketed in the USA, Canada, and the UK, and, in particular, these products were studied that varied in flavor, portion weight, and average price. With the launch of 34 new brands of oral strips with active ingredients for the 2022 year, the competition is getting fiercer.
Report comprises in-depth analysis of 171 SKU groups of dissolvable thin films marketed by 160 brands (148 companies) for period for 2009 – Feb 2023.

Table of content

Executive summary
1. General characteristics of the market
1.1. Dissolvable films classification scheme
1.2. Market description and size
1.3. Analysis of market development trends
1.4. Production technologies & patents
2. General regulation for dissolvable films market
2.1. European Union
2.2. USA
2.3. Canada
2.4. United Kingdom
3. Main market players in regions
3.1. List of main market players and their description
3.2. White label services in dissolvable films market
4. Marketed products analysis
4.1 Content analysis
4.2 Flavors
4.3 Dissolvable films size and quantity analysis
4.4 Packages analysis
4.5 Typical ingredient dosage per film
4.6 Prices analysis in regions

Companies mentioned

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Table of Charts

Chart 1. Classification of oral dissolvable strips by active ingredients
Chart 2. Main regions for all types of released dissolvable strips for all time
Chart 3. Released dissolvable strips for 2007-Feb 2023 with all active ingredients
Chart 4. The distribution of dissolvable strips by ingredients, WIMS SKUs
Chart 5. Ratio of all types oral strips by flavors across the world
Chart 6. Types of packaging of vitamins strips by quantity in the package
Chart 7. Cannabinoids strips packaging by quantity of strips in the package
Chart 8. Packaging types of energy oral strips by strips per pack quantity
Chart 9. The range of prices for strips in the USA, USD per pack
Chart 10. The range of prices for strips in Canada
Chart 11. The range of prices for strips in Asia

Table of Boxes

Table 1. The list of patents for main technologies in oral films production
Table 2. Legislative acts regulating dissolvable films in the European Union
Table 3. Legislative acts regulating dissolvable films in the United States
Table 4. Legislative acts regulating dissolvable films in Canada
Table 5. Legislative acts regulating dissolvable films in the United Kingdom
Table 6. The list of oral strips marketed to the date of report
Table 7. The algorithm for starting a new brand of strips
Table 8. The list of White Label service providers in the oral strips market


Dissolvable oral thin films strips classificaion